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Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit Course ( CCW Course )

NOTE: Please verify you are eligible for a permit by reading the eligibility criteria. Feel free to call me if you need clarification.

This course meets the training requirements established by the State of Nevada for a concealed firearm permit. Topics include firearm safety, basic firearms handling skills, Nevada firearm laws, and Nevada self-defense laws.

Scheduled Courses: None scheduled. Call to reserve next Saturday. Presently I can not schedule long-term courses only 1 week in advance due to uncertain travel plans.

Equipment Needed

Firearms and Ammunition

It is strongly recommended to bring the handgun you wish to carry and 30 rounds of ammunition. However, if you do not have a firearm or ammunition, a handgun will be provided to qualify with.

Eye and Ear Protection

For the Concealed Firearm Permit course, each student will be provided with ear and eye protection. Protective safety glasses and ear plugs will be given out and ear muffs can be borrowed. However, you may prefer to bring your own safety equipment that you are more comfortable with using, and are encouraged to do so.

Weather Appropriate Clothing

The shooting component of the course is conducted outside. It could be very cold or very hot. Dress for the outdoor weather. A hat is recommended to deflect shell casings and to keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as lotion to protect your skin from the ultra-violet radiation. For cold weather, gloves are recommended.


Bringing your own lunch is recommended for the 8 hour courses.

Utah CCW Course

This 4 hour course meets the requirements of the Utah Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

LEOSA Qualification Shoot - $15

Federal law allows qualified retired peace officers with at least 10 years of experience to carry a concealed firearm if they meet certain criteria including an annual qualification shoot. Completion of this shoot results in a certificate that can be turned into the county sheriff in Nevada for a LEOSA card. This shooting qualification is conducted in compliance with the standards of the Nevada Sheriffs' and Chiefs' Association and the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act and requires 30 rounds of ammunition.

NRA Pistol Courses

The following NRA Pistol Courses are available:

Click here for more information about these NRA courses, and the prices.


0-Defeat is located in Cold Springs, a suburb 17 miles Northwest of Reno.

Available Times for Concealed Firearm Permit Courses and NRA Courses

If you would like to schedule a date not listed, call or e-mail to set one up.

Available Times for LEOSA Shooting Qualifications

LEOSA qualification shoots take much less time to complete than CCW courses and NRA courses, and can be conducted entirely at the range. As a result, if you want to schedule a LEOSA qualification shoot I can schedule one for any day of the week during daylight hours, including days that I am unavailable for teaching an NRA or CCW course.


The instructor is Greg Ross. He is NRA certified to teach the NRA Basic Pistol Course, the NRA Personal Protection inside the House Course, and the NRA Personal Protection Outside the house course. He is approved by Washoe County to teach the Nevada Concealed Firearm Permit Course, and approved by the Utah BCI to teach the Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Course. He is very knowledgeable about firearms and the laws that surround them, and he strives to provide a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to everyone without discrimination.

Instructor Demonstration

Class Environment

Generally, the classroom instruction will be conducted from my house, but the shooting will be conducted either in BLM land or at a Washoe County shooting range. Each class conducted in my house will have no more than six students. This is an informal instructional environment but safety will be stressed at all times. This is a couch and coffee table classroom environment. Allergen Warning: My house is home to a cat and a chihuahua. By request, private classes can be held at other locations.

Contact Information

Phone: 775-247-1586